"Know Thyself ", your success depends on ensuring that your investment strategy fits your personal characteristics and financial goals.

 Set your financial goals

Set your financial goals

This questionnaire will help you find what kind of investor are you and will help you set your financial goals,It will also help you find out if our sector rotation strategy suits you :

1. what you want to accomplish with the investments ? for example :

-  I want my investing account to grow from 10,000$ to 20,000$ in 5 years to help me cover my kids college tuition.

-  I want my investing account to stay stable around 50,000$ but to take a yearly income of 10,000$.

-  I want my investing account to stay stable with maximum risk of 5% and income of 4%.

saving for your retirement ? you can use this retirement calculator   it will help you find out what is the capital growth rate you target.

2. How long are you prepared to hold investments for?

-  1 year or less.

-  1 -3 years.

-  3-10 years.

-  more than 10 years.

3. Consider your comfort level of risk taking , or how much draw-down are you willing to take ?

-  less then 5% (very conservative investor)

-  5-10%  (conservative investor)

-  10-20% (balanced investor)

-  20-30% (Growth investor)

-  more then 30% (aggressive investor)

4. Are you an experienced investor ?

- Inexperienced — i am new to investing.

- Somewhat experienced - i have some basic  knowledge and at list 2 years of experience with real money.

- experienced - I have advanced   knowledge , i know what drive up investments ,i have more then 5 years of   experience with real money. 

5. How much money do you intend to invest ?

- 1000$ or less 

- 1000$-10,000$

- 10,000$-100,000$

- more then 100,000$

6. When it comes to investing , how discipline are you ?

- Lets say your maximum risk goal is 20% , the investment just hit a lose of 18%, will you take the money out      of the investment ?

- Lets say your maximum risk goal is 20% , the investment just hit a lose of 22%, will you take the money out of the    investment ?

For the following  questions lets presume that  you are invested in an automated mechanical investment  strategy that needs no human decision making :

-lets say you read on the news that it is going to be a terrible year for the stock market , will you take the money

 out of this strategy ? 

-lets say you read on the news that it is going to be a good year for the stock market , will you add money

 to this strategy ? 

Does  the service we provide  suit your needs and investment style ? can you be a successful sector investor? to answer this questions your will need some facts :

-based on back-testing the average annual return of our investment service is 22% .

 so if your goal is capital growth rate of ~20% a year on your investment , our service is for you. 

-our investment service is Intermediate to long term investment service so the investment horizon is > 1 year.

 that means that if you want to follow our service for less then 1 years - it does not suit you .

-The maximum draw-down (fall in value of the investment) in the last 20 years (based on back-testing) was -17.5%

  So if you want to use our service you should fill comfort with the risk of your investment going down  ~20% before it   rises up again . for example the max draw-down of the s&p500 in the last 20 years is >50% , so our service is considerably less riskier.

-our service is very simple and very easy to follow and does not require special technical investment skills so it is  suitable also for Inexperienced (sector) investors.

-Since many funds has minimum investment of 1000$ , the minimum account should be ~5000$ (so you can hold 3 positions and still have some safe margin in the event of dropping in value).

-We did the complex job and spot for you the leading Fund/ETFs list, you are left with the easy job of updating your portfolio accordingly, but even this easy job can be hard if you let your fear ,greed or other  irrational behavior  get in the way. That is why the positive traits of any investor using our service should be patience, discipline and persistence. you can read more about it in BE A DISPLINED INVESTOR.